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18:16 | 2009-01-14

Foriegn Policy

نسخه چاپي ارسال به دوستان

Iran Calls for World Boycott against Israel

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Minister of Commerce Masoud Mir Kazemi in a letter to his world counterparts called for imposing commercial embargo on Israel and restricting business transactions with the Zionist regime.

In his letter sent to all Ministers of Commerce through official channels, Mir Kazemi expressed great grief over the all-out deprivation against Palestinians and the lack of support in providing basic requirements including food and medicine for Gazans.

He asked for his counterparts to comply with their human duties regarding the oppressed people of Palestine and play a key role in ending Israel's inhuman crimes in Gaza Strip.

According to the Iranian students news agency, Mir Kazemi also denounced savage attacks over Palestinian women and children by Zionist regime and said Israeli actions obviously violate international conventions.

During Israeli's 19-day offensives on Gaza Strip launched on December 27th, some 970 Palestinians have lost their lives and nearly 4500 have been wounded.

The regime has also ignored requests around the world such as the UN Security Council recent resolution urging an immediate ceasefire in Gaza Strip.

Israel has seized the coastal area since June 2007 and has tightened its blockade over the area from early October. It has banned arrival of required needs including food and medicine to Gaza Strip.