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15:13 | 2009-01-12

Foriegn Policy

نسخه چاپي ارسال به دوستان

Iran Boycotts Companies Affiliated with Israel

TEHRAN (FNA)- The government of President Ahmadinejad issued a bill on Sunday evening to boycott companies affiliated with Israel or those having Zionist shareholders.

If the bill is approved by the Parliament, investing companies which have stakes in the occupied Palestinian territories or provide financial support for Israel will face an embargo by the Islamic Republic of Iran, the state television reported.

The economic measure is in line with Iran's 30-year key plank of favoring Palestinians rights against the occupying regime of Israel which has recently stepped up pressures against Gazans to crack down on Hamas resistance movement, the Iranian students news agency reported.

Israel has launched an onslaught on December 27 against Gaza people who have endured a several-month Israeli economic blockade since Hamas victory in parliamentary elections of 2006 which has been hardened since October 5.

The air and land incursions have killed nearly 900 and wounded 4080 Palestinians at least one thirds of them children according to the UN figures.

The Israeli attacks have raised a wave of vehement civil demonstrations in Iran and throughout the world including the US, Tel Aviv's biggest sponsor.

Israel has announced it will not comply with the UN Security Council resolution 1860 which urges an immediate ceasefire in the coastal area.