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2008-12-25 - 19:18

Israel Carries Air Raids on Gaza Strip

TEHRAN (FNA)- Israeli jet fighters struck Gaza Strip Wednesday, killing five Palestinians in retaliation for rocket attacks into Israel.

Hamas said it would stop rocket fire into Israel for 24 hours at the request of Egyptian mediators.

Hamas is ready to stop firing rockets if Israel stops its "aggression" on
Gaza and opened up border crossings, spokesman Fawzi Barhoum told reporters in Gaza City, the Islamic republic news agency reported.

Some 50 rockets and mortars have been fired since the truce ended on Friday.

IRNA reporter in Gaza City said that most of those were launched before the 24-hour lull was announced.

Violence began to escalate again after 4 November, when Israel launched an incursion targeting what it said was a tunnel which could be used to abduct soldiers.