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2009-01-24 - 15:54

Iran Congratulates Reopening of Gaza Schools

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian education minister extended his felicitations to the Palestinian nation on the reopening of Gaza schools after the heroic resistance against Israel onslaught.

Wishing success for the education staff in Gaza Strip, Ali Reza Ali Ahmadi in his message lauded their resistance in the 22-day war against the Zionist regime.

Earlier, Iranian Vice-President Ali Saeedlou announced that Iran has set up a public-funded committee to help reconstruction in the war-torn Gaza Strip.

"The committee plans to build 1000 houses, ten schools and five mosques, and to reconstruct 500 shops, a hospital and a university," Saeedlou said.

Saeedlou also described Palestinian resistance as "a great victory for Palestinians".

Israel launched an onslaught on the tiny region on December 27, killing at least 1,330 Palestinians and wounding over 5,500 more.

A statistics organization estimated that the Israeli offensive has cost the Palestinian economy around 1.6 billion dollars.

The Israeli army has targeted schools, university buildings, hospitals, mosques, roads, bridges, power lines, water pipes and the sewage system.