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2008-10-29 - 17:35

DM: Iran to Give Crushing Response to Enemies

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said on Tuesday that his country's vigilant armed forces would give a crushing response to enemies' threats.

He made the remark in the opening ceremony of the second congress on "Phased Intelligence Systems" at Malek Ashtar University.

The country's independence, security and welfare depends on self-sufficiency in scientific and technological fields, he said.

The Iranian armed forces are in full combat readiness on land, in sea and in the air as well as in missile and telecommunications fields, he said, adding that they are ready to give a crushing response to enemies' threats.

"We are ready to seriously deal with the enemies' threats in all areas mainly in electronic warfare," underlined the minister.

Science and technological know-how are among the pillars of political, economic, social and military power of every government, the Islamic republic news agency quoted him as saying.

On global financial crisis, he said, "We are witnessing that the world public opinion hate the US."

The Iranian nation has successfully overcome various sanctions against the country and attained self-sufficiency in various areas, he said.

The West has adopted a double-standard policy in dealing with Iran's peaceful nuclear energy, he said, adding that the arsenals of the Zionist regime are full of weapons of mass destruction and no one cares about it.

"We have always trusted our committed experts in production of military hardware," he said.