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2009-01-10 - 14:02

Foreign Theater Troupes to Perform at Fajr Festival

TEHRAN (FNA)- Eight European countries will compete at the 27th International Fajr Theater Festival that will be held from January 21 to 30.

"The Cherry Orchard" by Aleksandar Sasha Dundjerovic (Britain), "Don Quixote" by Jerzy Zon (Poland), "The Imaginary Invalid" by Guy Simon (France), "The Wall" by Yuri Mgebrishvili (Georgian) and "The Castle" by Tomas Schweigen (Germany) will all compete at the International Section of the gala, Tehran Times reported.

"The Curtain" by Shahin Sayyadi (Canada), "Narration of Rustam and Sohrab" by Samira Sinaii (Hungary) and "Where Is the End of the Sky?" by Ali Razi (France) will be staged in the non-competitive sub-section of the International Section.

The National Theater Section of the festival will host plays from four Islamic countries including "The Examination of Sinners" by Ali Mahdi (Sudan), "My Mother's Mourning" by Mohannad Rashid Othman (Iraq), "Afghani Girl" by Hadi Mojtabaii (Afghanistan) and "Waiting for Godot" by Jannat Selim Ava (Azerbaijan).

Ten theater experts from Islamic countries including Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey will lecture about theater performed in their countries and theater expert Cynthia Croot will give a presentation on Arab theater during the gala.