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2009-01-17 - 14:58

Edinburgh Peace Center to Study Iran's Cinema

TEHRAN (FNA)- Edinburgh International Center for Peace and Spirituality will hold a Middle Eastern Film Festival from January 31 to February 19.

Organized by the Edinburgh Iranian Festival 2009, the Film house, the Persian Society of the University of Edinburgh and the Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies of the University of Edinburgh, 16 films will be screened during the festival of which 13 are Iranian films.

According to Tehran Times, Seyed Reza Mirkarimi's "As Simple as That", Abbas Kiarostami's "Where Is the Friend's Home?", Bahram Beizai's "Bashu, the Little Stranger", Ebrahim Hatamikia's "The Scent of Joseph's Shirt", Saman Salur's "Lonely Tune of Tehran", Amir Naderi's "The Runner", and Tahmineh Milani's "Two Women" are among the films.

Other films are Rakhshan Bani-Etemad's "Narges", Masud Bakhshi's "Tehran Has No More Pomegranates", Bayram Fazli's "Have You another Apple?", Manijeh Hekmat's "Three women", Asghar Farhadi's "Firework Wednesday", and Rafi Pitts' "It's Winter".

This Middle Eastern Film Festival hopes to introduce and educate new audiences about Middle Eastern films and culture, bring together Iranian and other communities, provide networking opportunities for filmmakers, and to allow for question and answer sessions that will accompany some of the film screenings.