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2009-01-22 - 17:34

Gen. Asks Int'l Community to Push Israel for War Reparations on Gaza

TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of Foundation for Safeguarding Values of Sacred Defense declared that the world must contribute for economic damages, yet reparations for imposed war by Zionists must logically be collected from regime's bank accounts in Europe.

General Mirfeisal Baqerzadeh told the Islamic republic news agency Wednesday evening that unfortunately even after unilateral ceasefire by the Zionist regime, political developments in the world are devoid of preventive measures, while responsible judicial bodies should support the establishment of a legitimate defense system for the oppressed Palestinian people in Gaza.

Baqerzadeh added "In order to prevent the repetition of criminal acts by the Zionist regime the heads of that regime must be put to trial and the global community must initially consider the extent of the damages imposed on Gaza residents and then take the amount from Israel's bank accounts in Europe and pay it to the damaged people.

An official from the elected government of the Palestinians declared according to the primary estimates damages from the 22-Day War against Gaza residents added up to 2.2 billion million dollars.

Yousof al-Manci, minister of housing of the legitimate government of Palestine, too, said in a news conference that five thousand Palestinian families have become homeless due to the Zionist regime's invasion and they need their vital living standards at least for the period of one whole year.

According to published statistics, more than four thousand houses are fully destroyed and more than 20 thousand houses have been mainly damaged in the course of the inhumane Israeli invasion.