Epidemic fear as 20,000 children wait for mumps jab


I conquered arthritis - and then I took on Mount Everest

Andrew Hodgkinson on Everest

After 20 years of agony, Andrew Hodgkinson's life was changed by a new treatment.

Our decade-by-decade guide to holding back the years

Models of different ages

The experts reveal the changes you can expect in your body as you grow older - and show ways to keep it in peak condition.

10 ways to cut 100 calories in a day

Grilled mushrooms and tomatoes on toast

Dropping 100 calories a day can have a cumulative impact and may lead to a 10lb weight loss in a year.

Plums are new super-food and full of disease-fighting antioxidants, says experts


Plums are being heralded as the new 'super-food' by scientists. They found the purple fruit matched or exceeded blueberries in antioxidants and phytonutrients, which help prevent disease.

Older people who trust their instincts 'make better decisions than ponderers'


Older people worried about their failing memories should simply trust their instincts when making decisions, according to scientists.

Salty soups can increase cancer risk, says expert

Heinz Classic Vegetable: Has 33 per cent of daily salt per serving

People who regularly have soup with a high salt content could be increasing their risk of stomach cancer, according to an expert.

Love your tonsils - they're our first defence against illness

Leona Lewis at the San Remo festival in Italy.

Singer Leona Lewis regularly suffers from it, but there are very few of us who have not experienced tonsillitis. So what are the tonsils and why do we need them?

Watch that waistline to help yourself to a longer life

A young man measuring his waist

The latest research suggests it is time to stop worrying about your weight and instead pay heed to your waistline.

Teenage girls having repeat abortions are on the rise, experts warn

Girl with pregnancy test

Repeat abortions in those under 20 years of age have climbed by 68 per cent over the past 15 years, the new figures show. Terminations are also increasing among teenage mums.

Mother of octuplets 'worked in an IVF clinic'

Miss Suleman's father - believed to be called Ed - arrives at the family home

The woman who gave birth to octuplets had previously worked in a fertility clinic, it has been claimed.

Is your make-up killing you? There are deadly poisons lurking in your handbag

Woman Putting on Make Up

Why a cold is as bad for your driving as a couple of whiskies

Not be sneezed at: Flu makes us less alert

Driving with a bad cold or flu can be as dangerous as drink-driving, a report reveals today.

NHS must end 'intolerable' mixed-sex wards or face fines, says Alan Johnson

mixed ward

Health Secretary Alan Johnson has given NHS chiefs 14 months to eliminate the practice under which male and female patients share bed and toilet facilities.

Psoriasis gene 'hotspots' could improve treatment for itchy skin condition

doctor fish

Scientists have discovered several genetic 'hotspots' linked to psoriasis, raising hope for new tailored treatments for the debilitating skin disease.

Coffee may raise child cancer risk: New evidence that caffeine could damage babies' DNA

Women should avoid drinking coffee while pregnant as it may increase their unborn child's risk of leukaemia

Women who drink coffee or tea during pregnancy may increase their baby’s odds of developing cancer, doctors believe.

Stem cell injection offers fresh hope for MS sufferers

Scientists have made advancements in multiple sclerosis research

Stem cell injections can reverse the crippling effects of multiple sclerosis, a study published today says.

Just one doner kebab contains your entire day's calorie allowance


A survey has revealed the grim truth about the sky-high fat content of many kebabs. A particularly large and greasy specimen could provide 2,000 calories.

Drug U-turn gives hope to cancer sufferers


Thousands of cancer sufferers will get the chance to try the life-prolonging drug Revlimid on the NHS, which can extend the life of multiple myeloma patients by three years.

Watchdog bans Christian advert that claims cervical cancer vaccine causes infertility

A 14-year-old girl reacts when injected with cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil

A Christian advert which suggested the cervical cancer vaccine would make teenagers sterile has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.

It's NOT good to talk: Tech-obsessed teenagers risk depression, say scientists

Teenage girl texting

Chemicals in packaging 'lower fertility of women'

Sad woman

Britain 'sickest' country in Europe with worst rates of obesity and teenage pregnancy

Weight wars: Brits are the most obese in the Western Europe world, with Austrians being the thinnest

England has been exposed as the sick man of Europe, with the highest rates of obesity. More women die of alcoholic liver disease and cancer here than in almost any other country.

Tanning drug could 'mask the signs of cancer'


Sun-lovers who inject themselves with an illegal tanning drug are at risk of rapidly changing moles, skin experts warn.

Sharp rise in depression and anxiety as QUARTER of middle-aged women suffer 'common mental disorder'

middle aged

A survey found that a quarter of women aged 45 to 54 experienced a 'common mental disorder' in 2007.

Doctors 'should have done more to ensure octuplets' mother avoided such a risky pregnancy'

Doctors in charge of the octuplets mother should have done more to make sure she avoided such a risky pregnancy, according to medical experts.

Scientists develop brain scan to pick up early signs of dementia

The new scans would use an imaging agent to highlight proteins associated with dementia

Scientists are developing brain scans to detect Alzheimer's even before sufferers show any symptoms.

ADHD drugs could cause children to have hallucinations


Drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can cause children to have hallucinations even when taken as directed, researchers have said.

One in four people with eating disorders are men

John Prescott

A quarter of people in England with eating disorders are men, new figures have revealed. Some 2.7 million adults suffer from anorexia, bulimia, or a problem with compulsive eating - 6.4 per cent of the population.

Active sex life 'cuts prostate cancer risk' - once you're over fifty


Having a highly active sex life in your 50s could protect men against the risk of developing prostate cancer, say researchers.

Aspirin 'tackles liver damage caused from alcohol and obesity'


A daily dose of aspirin could prevent liver damage caused by alcohol and obesity, claim researchers.

The tiny implant as small as a grain of rice for women who don't want any more children

Woman with child

Implanted in 15 minutes with a local anaesthetic, it is secured in place in the fallopian tubes with the help of radio frequency energy, and has been shown to be 99 per cent effective.

Health news: Palm oil could reduce stroke risk and why sugar and a dummy calm a stressed baby

Vitamin E

This week how palm oil could be used to protect the body from cell damage and why sugar and a dummy reduce stress in babies when they are immunised.

So is there any point to acupuncture?


Acupuncture's benefits are all in the mind, according to a new report. Here, a sceptic and a proponent explain their opposing views...

How a thigh 'tingler' helps beat arthritic pain

Knees-up: About 7million people in Britain have health problems linked to arthritis

A thigh 'tingler' is the latest treatment being developed for arthritic knees. Researchers say the device could be an alternative to knee-replacement surgery for younger people with osteoarthritis.

'Just as my son stopped wearing nappies, I had to start': One man talks bravely about an indignity suffered by thousands

Embarrassing condition: Tim Harvey and his son Daniel

For any parent, it's a welcome rite of passage when their child is successfully toilet-trained, and Tim Harvey was no exception.