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Partovi Criticizes Iranian Children's Cinema
TEHRAN (FNA)- Children's cinematic study in Iran is an elegy over the tomb of children's cinema in present day Iranian cinema; Kambuzia Partovi said during the review session on Amir Farzollahi's book entitled "Children's and Young Adults' Cinematic Study". ( 16:44:09 - 2008/11/15)

Minister: Iran not Lagging Behind in Book Reading
TEHRAN (FNA)- Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Hossein Saffar Harandi said Friday that Iranians do not lag behind other states in terms of book reading. ( 14:07:20 - 2008/11/15)

Minister: Iran Not Lagging Behind in Book Reading
TEHRAN (FNA)- Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Hossein Saffar Harandi said Friday that Iranians do not lag behind other states in terms of book reading. ( 16:56:54 - 2008/11/14)

Culture Ministry Concerned over Economic Problems of Iranian Artists

TEHRAN (FNA)- As the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is responsible for visual arts, it also concerns itself with the economic problems of the artists. ( 15:58:10 - 2008/11/13)

Earliest Chinese Poems Translated into Persian
TEHRAN (FNA)- The earliest anthology of Chinese poetry "The Book of Songs" is being translated from English into Persian by Azita Bafekr, Susan Pirnia and Mersedeh Daneshvar. ( 17:06:51 - 2008/11/12)

Ashkhabad Hosts Int'l Conference on Imam Reza
TEHRAN (FNA)- On the auspicious occasion of birthday of Imam Reza (AS), an International Conference on the Eighth Imam of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Infallible Household, opened in Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan, on Monday. ( 16:07:56 - 2008/11/12)

2,000 Historical Sites Identified in Northwestern Province
TEHRAN (FNA)- Some 2,000 ancient sites with historical values have so far been identified in the northwestern province of Ardabil, a provincial official said. ( 16:38:14 - 2008/11/11)

Library of Iran's Documentary Cinema Opens at EDFC
TEHRAN (FNA)- The first technical library dedicated to Iran's documentary cinema opened Monday at the Experimental and Documentary Film Center (EDFC) in commemoration of the late documentary filmmaker, Ebrahim Asgharzadeh. ( 16:38:06 - 2008/11/11)

Mellat Cinema Complex Opens in Tehran
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Mellat Cinema Complex was opened during a ceremony at the Mellat Park on Sunday. ( 16:38:02 - 2008/11/11)

Hesitation Threatening Shams Castle
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Shams Castle at the Qajar era Sadabad Palace has been put in danger by a movie project named "Hesitation". ( 15:21:45 - 2008/11/11)

Iran's Eternal Figures Announced for This Year
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian luminaries of various scientific, cultural, and artistic fields were praised during the seventh Eternal Figures Gathering here at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) International Conference Hall in northern Tehran Sunday night. ( 14:24:04 - 2008/11/11)

Historic Tunnel on Hormuz Island Closed
TEHRAN (FNA)- A historic tunnel in Iran's Hormuz Island in the Persian Gulf has been filled with soft soil in order to protect it from further damage. ( 18:48:01 - 2008/11/10)

Islamic Gov'ts Play Crucial Role in Promoting Muslim Affinity
TEHRAN (FNA)- Islamic centers and governments play a crucial role in establishing institutes to promote affinity among Muslims, an Iranian official said. ( 16:45:22 - 2008/11/10)

Shosoin Imperial Repository Displays Sassanid Crystal Bowl
TEHRAN (FNA)- A priceless cut-glass bowl of the Sassanid era is on display at the Shosoin Imperial Repository at the Nara National Museum in Japan. ( 16:13:47 - 2008/11/09)

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