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16:46 | 2008-12-23


نسخه چاپي ارسال به دوستان

Security Official

Police Kill Senior Members of Terrorist Group

TEHRAN (FNA)- Deputy police chief Ahmad Reza Radan said police forces have delivered a deadly blow to the terrorist Jundollah group led by Abdolmalek Rigi.

"After three operations against this terrorist group by the police, its senior members have been killed," Radan told MNA on Monday.

"During these operations, Abdolmalek's brother and his deputy as well as 19 others have been killed."

Radan added the police have plans for putting an end to the activities of the group. "Moving out and seizing the members of the group are on the agenda."

The Rigi group killed all 14 Iranian soldiers that it took hostage more than six months ago from a checkpoint in the town of Saravan in Sistan-Balouchestan province bordering Pakistan.

Jundollah had transferred the hostages to Pakistan after their abduction.

Following the killing of hostages Iranian Prosecutor-General Qorban-Ali Dori-Najafabadi said, "We will give a firm and tooth-breaking response to armed rebels in border areas."

The police official also stated that Pakistan is not cooperating with Tehran in tracking the hideouts of the Jundallah group.

"Unfortunately, Pakistan's cooperation in catching (members of) the Rigi group is not satisfactory and ideal at all."

He warned Pakistan that the activities of this group will harm Pakistan too.

"Pakistan should know that sheltering such a group will bring about problems for this country and the Pakistan government should no allow Pakistan's land to become a safe refuge for this group.