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17:07 | 2008-12-17


نسخه چاپي ارسال به دوستان

Isfahan Int'l Storytelling Festival Programs Announced

TEHRAN (FNA)- Programs for the 12th edition of the International Storytelling Festival were announced during a press conference on Sunday.

Over 60 stories will be presented by Iranian and non-Iranian storytellers during the festival that will be held from December 20 to 23 in Isfahan, the secretary of the festival Sadrollah Asadbeigi mentioned during the conference, Tehran Times reported.

Since the theme of the festival is the Quran, most countries submitted religious stories to the secretariat of the gala who selected 10 storytellers from European and Asian countries, including Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Lebanon, Norway and the Netherlands, he mentioned.

Some 31 storytellers from five regions of Iran will present stories in the festival who are either members of the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA) or storytellers who submitted their works by themselves to the secretariat of the gala, he added.

A story telling contest based on Attar's "The Conference of the Birds" will be held on the sidelines of the festival and about 30 articles out of the 90 submitted will be published in the form of a book, he added.

At the conference, the director of Isfahan's branch of IIDCYA, Reza Ghani pointed to the importance of storytelling in developing culture saying that storytelling is an appropriate way to convey the messages of religion to ordinary people.

"The language of storytelling is a fluid one. Not only we can find many stories in the Quran but also we find that many important religious events like Ashura are narrated by stories through the generations," Ghani added.

The festival's news is available through website www.atalomatal.ir which has been launched recently for 12th edition of the gala.