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2009-02-01 - 16:10

Palestinians Fire Rockets at Israel Amid Gaza Siege

TEHRAN (FNA)- Palestinian resistance groups fired two Qassam-type rockets deep into Israel from besieged Gaza Strip as the 18-month-long Gaza siege continues.

The two rockets, launched at around 6:50 am, hit targets in western Israel's Negev. One landed in the Sdot Negev Regional Council and the second one hit the Eshkol Regional Council, press tv said, citing Israeli media reports.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or damages.

Also on Saturday morning, a Grad rocket exploded in an open area south of Ashkelon, according Israeli media.

The Palestinian resistance groups have fired at least five rockets since the end of the invasion of Gaza on January 18 in response to continued attacks by Israel on the defenseless Palestinian people and in protest at an 18-month Israeli blockade of Gaza.

The humanitarian situation in the impoverished strip with over 1.1 million residents is at its worst and Israeli three-week military operation on it has exacerbated the already dire humanitarian crisis by destroying civilian infrastructure during the invasion.

The Zionist regime has refused to open the crossings into the Gaza Strip despite international calls for lifting the siege.

Nearly 5,000 houses were destroyed and hundreds of people have become homeless during Israeli incursion.