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14:55 | 2008-12-28


نسخه چاپي ارسال به دوستان

Palestinian Leader Raps US, Arab world for Backing Israeli Raids on Gaza

TEHRAN (FNA)- A leading Palestinian community leader based in Germany slammed the US and pro-western Arab states, notably Egypt, for giving green light to the murderous Israeli military onslaught in Gaza Saturday.

Speaking to the Islamic republic news agency in Berlin, head of the Society for Support of Palestinians (GHUP) Izzeddin Musa said he was "more than shocked" over the tame reaction of the western and Arab world on the deadly Israeli air attacks in Gaza which left at least 195 people dead and injured hundreds, many of them critically.

It was the US and Arab countries which gave the 'go-ahead` for the Israelis to conduct a military assault on Gaza.

The Israelis would not have dared to attack Gaza, if they knew there would have been a harsh response by the Arab countries, added Musa.

He stressed Arab countries could have "at least severed their ties" with the illegal Jewish state.

The Israelis are killing Palestinians in Gaza "like flies and the Arab leaders are doing nothing," lamented Musa.

The Palestinian official accused the West and Arab countries of wanting to "destroy Hamas" and giving total power to the head of the US-backed Palestinian Authority (PA) Mahmoud Abbas.

"Neither Israel nor the Arabs and the West can defeat Hamas which has the absolute backing of the Palestinian nation as witnessed by the last general election," Musa said.

He lambasted also Abbas for "selling out Palestine" at the so-called Oslo Mideast peace talks in 1993.

"There will be no viable Palestinian state, if the PA is in power.

Furthermore, the PA is not really interested in the Palestinian people but wants to cling to power. Abbas and his clique know that they stand no chance against Hamas in an election. This is why they want to see Hamas destroyed," Musa added.

Founded in 1991 by with a group of Germans and German- Palestinians, GHUP is a non-profit group, promoting humanitarian aspects of the Palestinian cause.