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16:35 | 2008-12-31


نسخه چاپي ارسال به دوستان

Israel Continues Air Raids on Gaza City for Fifth Day

TEHRAN (FNA)- Israeli warplanes hit Gaza City early Wednesday causing destruction in the densely populated areas.

Hamas government buildings including office of Hamas government Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh came under bombardment.

Israel has deployed armor on border with Gaza.

The Islamic republic news agency said that both Israel and Hamas are preparing for a full scale ground battle.

More than 390 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli air strikes since Saturday, four Israelis have also died during Palestinian rocket attacks.

Israel hit more than 30 targets on Tuesday committing blatant example of crimes against humanity and war crimes.

US officials have ignored the international outcry that the Israeli leaders have exceeded the boundaries of self-defense and are carrying out genocide operations in Gaza.

The US officials expressed concern that the Israeli bombardment of Gaza could drag on bolstering international support for the Hamas government - just as the 2006 Israeli campaign in Lebanon strengthened Hezbollah.

Yet, US officials have keen memories of what happened in Lebanon.

Then, the US administration gave broad support to that campaign, which Israeli officials said could "eviscerate" Hezbollah.

The war, which lasted 33 days and involved intense ground and air attacks, strengthened the Lebanese resistance movement in the region and was eventually viewed as a great triumph for Hezbollah as the Zionist troops had to pull out without any military achievement and after sustaining many casualties.