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2009-01-29 - 17:37

Hamas Representative Urges Unity among Muslims

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Hamas representative in Tehran Abu Osama Abd Al-Muati here Wednesday called on Muslims across the world to foster unity against the enemy.

He stressed that the victory of Muslim Palestinians in Gaza against the Zionist occupiers originated from the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

The Islamic republic news agency quoted him as saying that the US and its allies including the Zionist regime are hostile towards Muslims, stressing that reinforcing unity among the Islamic states would prevent discord.

The Gazans resisted against the most severe attacks by the Zionist regime during the 22-day war, said the Hamas official, adding that resistance of the people and all-out support of the Islamic world for the Palestinian nation made Israel accept a unilateral ceasefire.

Abu Osama noted that Israel's air and ground offensive against the Palestinians in Gaza killed 1,400 people including more than 400 children.