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14:01 | 2009-01-05


نسخه چاپي ارسال به دوستان

Israeli Death Toll Rising

TEHRAN (FNA)- Israeli death toll is rising high as the ground operations in the Gaza Strip has given the Palestinian resistance movement the first chance to trade blows on a not equal, but better footing with the Israeli army.

Israeli Death Toll Rising, Hamas Fighting with Israel

Israel had to bury its soldier, victim of its ground operation, one day after its tanks moved into Gaza.

More than 70 Palestinian civilians were killed on Sunday as shells hit houses and Gaza's main shopping district, medical sources said, the Islamic republic news agency reported.

At Shifa Hospital, there was no trace here of any Hamas fighters that the Israeli military said its ground forces had hit in the past few hours in exchanges of fire.

Most of the men who were wounded or killed seemed to have been hit along with relatives near their homes or on the road.

Two young cousins and a 5-year-old boy from another family were killed by shrapnel as they played on the flat roofs of their apartment buildings.

A woman who came to the hospital with a daughter, 15, who was wounded by shrapnel, said soldiers had taken over their house in Beit Lahiya, in the north, and had detained the men, who she said were farmers.

The family said the daughter was wounded when Israeli forces fired on the upper floors of the house.

Oxfam said a paramedic working for a group it financed died when his ambulance was hit by a missile.

Save the Children warned that basic humanitarian supplies are running out with much of the city left without electricity and water.

It called for aid to be let in - and said that 50,000 children were already suffering from chronic malnutrition.