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15:20 | 2009-01-10


نسخه چاپي ارسال به دوستان

Hamas Kills 12 Israeli Soldiers in One Day

TEHRAN (FNA)- At least 12 Israeli military forces were reportedly killed in fierce clashes with Palestinian resistance forces in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas spokesman Mohammed Nazal was reported by press tv as saying Saturday that earlier in the day resistance fighters confronted and killed 8 Israeli soldiers that were taking cover in a home in northern Gaza's Beit Lahia.

Nazal added that 4 other Israeli troops were killed in separate clashes with Hamas forces in the same day, the report added.

The revelation if true brings the number of Israeli soldiers killed and wounded to 100, according to Hamas.

Tel Aviv, however, says that only ten of its soldiers have been killed while 60 remain injured.

This comes as Israel's military is forcing its way into the Gaza City through Sofa and Kissufim crossings, irrespective of the UN Security Council resolution 1860, which calls for an "immediate" and "durable" halt to Israel's offensive into the Palestinian territory.

Israel attacked Gaza on December 27 and has so far killed 804 Palestinians and wounded at least 3,310 others, some of whom are women and children.

The United Nations said Thursday that at least one-third of the dead or injured in Gaza are children.

The Israeli military has carried out more than 40 air strikes in the Gaza Strip overnight, targeting mosques and reducing three homes to rubbles.

In response to the wide-scale Israeli offensive, Hamas fired rockets into the Israeli cities of Kerem Shalom and Ashdood on Friday and is stepping up preparations to strike southern Israeli towns.

Hamas rockets reportedly targeted Israel's Tel Nof airbase, which is home to a number of Israeli fighter and helicopter squadrons as well as an alleged military nuclear arm unit.