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2009-01-27 - 17:59

Iranian FM Summons Egyptian Diplomat

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned the head of Egypt's interests section in Tehran today over stopping the cargo ship, carrying Iran's aids to Gaza.

During the meeting with Amr Ahmed A. Meguid El Zayat, the Iranian foreign ministry official voiced Tehran's strong protest against the Egyptian government's reluctance to issue the necessary permits for the Iranian ship to approach the Gaza Strip to deliver its aid supply to the people of Gaza.

The official also protested at the violation of international law by Israeli warships barring the Iranian cargo ship from approaching Gaza water, the Islamic republic news agency reported.

Earlier in January, the Captain of Iranian cargo ship, carrying Iran's aids to Gaza, stressed that his vessel will wait in international waters until its mission is accomplished.

Israeli naval forces intercepted the Iranian ship holding an estimated 2,000 tons of medical and food supplies for the crisis-stricken people in Gaza, 20 miles off the coast.

Such moves by the Zionists took no one by surprise, given the long history of the human rights violations the Israeli regime has managed to register since its very establishment, but the Egyptian government's measures to prevent the Iranian ship from reaching Gaza could not be excused or justified, the Iranian foreign ministry official also said.