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2008-11-17 - 16:02

Iranian Center Preparing Online Persian Gulf Encyclopedia

TEHRAN (FNA)- The first volume of the Persian Gulf Encyclopedia will be available online on Persian Gulf National Day, April 29.

The Abu Rayhan Biruni Study Center which is affiliated to the Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia (CGIE) has been compiling the encyclopedia since 2007.

In addition to the online version, the encyclopedia will be published in book form, the director of the center Kianush Kiani Haft Lang mentioned according to MNA.

A website will be established for information gathered on the Persian Gulf that will contains reports, photos, ancient maps of the Persian Gulf, bibliographies and related links and also some articles on it, he added.

The encyclopedia will have two sections: general and specific entries. Some issues are so extensive that should be published in the form of a separate volume. Four volumes of the eight-volume encyclopedia will be dedicated to these issues, he mentioned.

Up to now, over 1500 entries have been compiled, which will be released in four volumes. The entries are divided according to different fields, including natural environment, zoology, biology, political and social geography and history, he mentioned.

The encyclopedia will be compiled completely in the coming four years, he concluded.