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2008-12-22 - 14:02

Mah-e Mehr Gallery to Commemorate Ziapur

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Mah-e Mehr Gallery is to hold a commemoration ceremony on Tuesday in honor of the late Jalil Ziapur, father of modern Persian painting.

Prominent artists Alireza Sami-Azar, Ebrahim Jafari, Mehdi Hosseini, and Abbas Mashhadizadeh are among the participating guests, MNA reported.

A documentary featuring interviews with poet and literary critic Javad Mojabi and Ziapur's widow on the character and position of the artist is to be screened at the ceremony.

In addition, six remaining works by Ziapur will be displayed at the gallery.

Jalil Ziapur (1920-1999) was a painter, researcher, university scholar and writer. He is known as pioneer of modernism in painting.

He had also carried out wide research on Iran's anthropology, folklore, traditional costumes and the decorative designs in different regions of the country.

During his years of artistic career, Ziapur delivered over 80 lectures, presented over 70 articles, authored 28 books, and painted 40 paintings.

His paintings are famous for their original Persian theme, simple figures, pleasing composition and unique style of painting.

The gallery is located at No.7, Nilufar St., off Africa Ave.