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2009-01-18 - 14:30

Israeli Firing Phosphorous after Ceasefire

TEHRAN (FNA)- Israel continued shelling Gaza with white phosphorus after it called for a unilateral ceasefire, in an obvious violation of its own declaration.

A press tv correspondent on the ground in Gaza reported the event soon after the ceasefire the ceasefire was supposedly in affect.

Earlier today, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that Tel Aviv will observe a 'unilateral ceasefire' at 2:00 a.m. local time (0000 GMT) after pounding Gaza non-stop for 22 consecutive days.

However, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhum responded that, Israel must stop all its aggression, completely withdraw from the Gaza Strip, lift the blockade, and open the border crossings.

Hamas also declared that it will not accept the presence of a single Israeli soldier in Gaza.

Israel later said that the troops will not leave Gaza and failed to address the issue of open border crossings in its ceasefire declaration.

Around 1,200 Palestinians have been killed and nearly 6,000 others have been wounded in the beleaguered Gaza strip since December 27.