How I got my brain back, by injured broadcaster Sheena McDonald


We all know it tastes fabulous - but is it choc-full of goodness?


Here's some cheery news for chocoholics - it can be healthy - but avoid the white stuff.

The acid test for dealing with your reflux


DR ELLIE CANNON highlights how you can combat acid reflux - and why you might be getting it in the first place.

Vitamin D can protect against MS, say scientists

Pregnant woman

Taking vitamin D supplements in pregnancy and childhood could wipe out 80 per cent of cases of multiple sclerosis, researchers believe.

How green tea may negate effectiveness of cancer drug

Avoid: Green tea might cancel out some cancer treatments

Cancer patients who take tumour-fighting green tea products may reduce the effectiveness of one kind of chemotherapy, research suggests.

How to change your life ... and save the planet

Organic beef

In the first of an occasional series, DIANE MILLS offers tips for leading a green and healthy life.

Doctor convicted of killing intensive care patient with an injection of adrenaline avoids jail

Priya Ramnath was convicted of manslaughter today

An 'arrogant' doctor who fled to America after administering a fatal injection of adrenaline to a patient with an infected bunion was convicted today of manslaughter.

Parents of toddler who's never left her hospital bed make desperate transplant appeal

Rob Coyne, Hannah Wilkins Niamh Coyne

Two-year-old Niamh Coyne has remained on a hospital ward throughout her short lifetime. And unless her luck changes soon and a liver donor is found, she will inevitably die there too.

The boy with 11 tumours who was sent home to die... and survives after grandparents' alternative therapy treatments

In remission: Scans have shown cancer tumours in Connah Broom, aged seven, have shrunk since his family sought alternative treatments for him

The sunshine babies: Children grow taller if their pregnant mothers enjoyed a summer in the sun


It's called the sunshine vitamin and it seems it smiles on mothers giving birth in late summer and early autumn.

My little girl lost both legs to meningitis because our GP refused to make a home visit

Lydia Cross

Jodie Cross looked on in despair as her daughter Lydia was violently sick again. She knew the two-year-old was seriously ill, but she was facing an uphill battle to prove it.

Patients offered chemotherapy at Britain's first mobile cancer unit

Help at hand: New 45-foot long vans will take cancer treatment, support and advice to local communities, so people do not have to trail into hospital (file picture)

Patients are to be offered chemotherapy close to their homes after the launch of the country's first mobile cancer unit.

Computers and TV have caused teen sex, violence and harmed mental health of whole generation

Computer games

Computers and television have pushed a generation of children towards violent behaviour, early sex and mental illness, a large-scale study said yesterday.

The 3-year-old girl who desperately needs a heart transplant - just like her twin sister

Rare condition: Three-year-old Katie (left) has had a transplant and twin sister Lauren (right) needs one too

Little Lauren Williams is in desperate need of a heart transplant, her twin Katie is recovering from a heart swap and their mother also needs the life-saving surgery.

So which diet pills CAN trim your tum? Our expert put top brands to the test

Slim woman

We spend millions on slimming pills and diet aids. Our expert put top brands to the test... and was surprised by what she found.

Is your manuka honey really worth the money?


Over the past few years, manuka honey from New Zealand has earned a reputation as a bit of a wonder treatment.

Aspirin once a YEAR 'cuts stomach cancer risk' by a third, promising new study shows

Taking aspirin once a year could lower the risk of stomach cancer by a third

Taking aspirin just once a year could lower the risk of stomach cancer by more than a third, research suggests. The study also found repeated taking of the drug increased the protective effect.

Why shedding a few pounds might be the key to a good night's sleep


Doctors warn 'miracle' drug cannot cure Jade Goody's cancer and has slim chance of working at all

Jade Goody

Man pulls out 13 of his own teeth with pliers 'because he couldn't find an NHS dentist'

Ian Boynton

Iraq War veteran Ian Boynton could not afford to go private for treatment so instead took the drastic action to remove 13 of his teeth that were giving him severe pain.

Why is my shoulder hurting so much?

Shoulder pain

Dr Martin Scurr has been treating patients for more than 30 years and is one of the country's leading GPs. Here he tackles shoulder pain.

Magnets stop the nightmare of tinnitus, researchers say


A study has found that all patients given magnetic stimulation experienced some improvement; a year afterwards, some patients were still tinnitus-free in one or both ears.

Visions of 'little people': The eye disorder that leaves thousands of Britons fearing they've lost their senses


An estimated 100,000 Britons experience visual hallucinations in the form of Charles Bonnet Syndrome, but many won't realise they have the condition.

The 'Dad-Nav' device that lets a former Desert Rat wander safely despite his Alzheimer's

Trevor Jay with father Eric and his buddi

Whenever Trevor Jay wishes, he can see his father Eric's whereabouts on a Google Map - thanks to an ingenious GPS device called buddi.

Was student's nightclub death triggered by Red Bull binge?

The death of a student in a nightclub may have been triggered by drinking too much Red Bull, an inquest has heard. Chloe Leach drunk four cans of the energy drink before she collapsed.

Camera that talks to patients could help lighten dementia burden

The Beckenham By-Election, Conservative

A computerised device which interacts with and talks to patients could help dementia sufferers become less dependent on their carers.

Plums 'are new super-food and full of disease-fighting antioxidants'


Plums are being heralded as the new 'super-food' by scientists. They found the purple fruit matched or exceeded blueberries in antioxidants, which help prevent disease.

Two-minute inhaler treatment may ease the misery of migraine

Ow! A new treatment may ease the misery of migraine

A new migraine treatment which uses a drug used to treat schizophrenia promises faster pain relief. The inhaler fires the drug directly into the lungs and is active within two to five minutes.

Watch that waistline to help yourself to a longer life

A young man measuring his waist

The latest research suggests it is time to stop worrying about your weight and instead pay heed to your waistline.

Fears of mumps outbreak as 20,000 children wait for jab


Thousands of children are being left unprotected against mumps because of a chronic shortage of the vaccine against the disease.

Medical blunders to cost NHS £700m next year

Overstretched: More blunders are occurring on NHS maternity units because of shortages

Payouts for serious medical errors are set to soar with more than half of the anticipated legal settlements over mistakes on overstretched maternity units, estimates the NHS Litigation Authority.

Cancer patients who lost frozen sperm when freezer broke down can claim damages, judge rules

Samples in liquid nitrogen

Six cancer victims whose sperm samples were destroyed when a hospital freezer broke can sue the NHS trust for compensation, a judge has ruled.

Love your tonsils - they're our first defence against illness

Leona Lewis at the San Remo festival in Italy.

Singer Leona Lewis regularly suffers from it, but there are very few of us who have not experienced tonsillitis. So what are the tonsils and why do we need them?

The 'Dad-Nav' device that lets a former Desert Rat wander safely despite his Alzheimer's

Trevor Jay with father Eric and his buddi

Whenever Trevor Jay wishes, he can see his father Eric's whereabouts on a Google Map - thanks to an ingenious GPS device called buddi.

10 ways to cut 100 calories in a day

Grilled mushrooms and tomatoes on toast

Dropping 100 calories a day can have a cumulative impact and may lead to a 10lb weight loss in a year.