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  GOP seeking to end ban on some donation limits
  Republicans say Congress went too far by limiting contributions for 'nonfederal' campaign activities.     02.10.09
  AP chief urges better news-media access to military ops
  Tom Curley says industry must immediately negotiate new rules for covering war because 'we are the only force out there to keep the government in check and to hold it accountable.'     02.09.09
  University doesn't have to recognize Christian group
  Federal judge rules that California State campuses' nondiscrimination policy was intended to regulate conduct, not speech or association.     02.09.09
  Alaska lawmakers question views of professors, students
  'It wasn't encouraging for free speech or open dialogue,' state Rep. David Guttenberg says of colleague's comments.     02.09.09
  Court tosses part of challenge to NYC campaign-finance law
  Federal judge rejects claims that law violates First, 14th amendments, but doesn't rule on whether statute discriminates against minority candidates, voters.     02.09.09
  Much-criticized college gossip Web site shuts down founder says economic downturn — not backlash or legal troubles — caused site's demise.     02.08.09
  Tom Curley receives William Allen White journalism award
  Associated Press president is a leading news media voice on press-freedom issues.     02.07.09
  8th Circuit agrees parolee can't have disputed decals
  By David L. Hudson Jr. Panel says court can restrict man's right to display emblems on vehicle since those objects had helped him commit crime of impersonating a federal officer.     02.06.09
  2009 FOI conference set for March 13
  Scholars, journalists will look at where freedom of information stands, how things might change under Obama.     02.06.09
  11th Circuit: Miami school board can pull Cuba book from libraries
  Panel is split on whether book was banned or removed; dissenting judge says it appears book was yanked for political rather than educational reasons.     02.06.09
  Obama establishes new faith-based office
  President asks White House, Justice Department lawyers to look into hiring issues raised when religious groups accept federal money.     02.06.09
  Miss. high court reprimands ex-judge for 'disparaging insults'
  Solomon Osborne had argued that comments he made while running for re-election were protected speech; meanwhile, Minnesota judge is cited for 'name-calling' about a defendant.     02.06.09
  Neb. judge rules flag-desecration case can proceed
  County court won’t consider challenge to state law, says Nebraska high court is responsible for deciding whether a statute violates state Constitution.     02.05.09
  Inflatable rat can't be declared a pest, rules N.J. high court
  Justices overturn lower court ruling that found Lawrence Township officials could bar 10-foot rodent, which has been used by unions to signal labor disputes.     02.05.09

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