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Bowen v. Kendrick (docket # 87-253) (1988)  [Findlaw]

Argument Date 03/20/1988
Decided 06/29/1988
Supreme Court Vote 6-3
Supreme Court Ruling The Adolescent Family Life Act (AFLA) on its face does not violate the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution. The case is remanded for further consideration of whether the statute, as applied, violates the Establishment Clause.
IssueWhether this statute violates the Religion Clauses of the First Amendment by authorizing federal grants to public or nonprofit private organizations or agencies for services and research in the area of premarital adolescent sexual relations and pregnancy.
Majority Opinion Rehnquist, C.J. (joined by White, J., O’Connor, J., Scalia, J. & Kennedy J.)
Concurring Opinion O’Connor, J., & Kennedy, J. (joined by Scalia, J.)
Dissenting Opinion Blackmun, J. (joined by Brennan, J., Marshall, J. & Stevens, J.)
Lower Court District Court for the District of Columbia
Lower Court Ruling Establishment Clause claim affirmed.
Oral Arguments audio record  [Oyez]
For Petitioner
Solicitor General Charles Fried

For Respondent
Janet Benshoof

For Amicus
American Public Health Association, Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs, Council on Religious Freedom, & NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund, et al (supporting Respondent)

Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, Catholic Charities & Unitarian Universalist Association

Attorney General of Arizona, Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, National Jewish Commission on Law and Public Affairs, National Right to Life Committee, et al (supporting Petitioners)

Opinion - Lower Court
Chan Kendrick v. Dr. Otis Bowen, Secretary of Dept. of Health and Human Services, 657 F. Supp. 1547, (U.S. District of D.C., 1987) (ruling that AFLA is unconstitutional on its face and as applied)
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