LEO MCKINSTRY: Harriet Harman is treachery in high heels and the prospect of her as leader is utterly terrifying

Plotting: Harriet Harman is said to be after the leadership

COLIN WILSON: Can a man as evil as The Yorkshire Ripper really be cured?

Serial killer: Peter Sutcliffe's lawyers say he is no longer a threat to society

MARY ELLEN SYNON: Picasso was the biggest over-hype of the 20th Century

Picasso's 'demoiselles d'avignon'

JAMES SLACK: At last the Law Lords say we can deport Bin Laden's ambassador but he'll STILL stay - and we'll STILL pay

Abu Qatada

MELANIE PHILLIPS: It's time we called an end to this 'institutional racism' witch hunt

Stephen Lawrence

KEITH WATERHOUSE: Another step forward for No.10 Grandma

Jacqui Smith

HELEN CLARK: Selfless yet betrayed by an NHS which would sink without them

Elderly woman and carer

ALLISON PEARSON: Finally, Jade's sad life has a purpose

Jade in wheelchair

DAN ATKINSON: Soaring price of ultimate dud investment shows how scared we are

Gold dealer with gold

QUENTIN LETTS: After decades of vitriol, BBC is making an honest woman of Mrs T

Lindsay Duncan plays Margaret Thatcher

ROBIN PAGE: A shameful piece of legislation that saw prejudice, malice and bigotry overcome individual morality

fox hunting

This week sees the fourth anniversary of possibly the most vindictive, divisive, senseless and politically motivated legislation for decades, The Hunting Act 2004. I had better put my cards on the table - I do not hunt, shoot, or fish normally - I do not have time. I am a conservationist who has actually kept pet foxes, but as a conservationist I believe that foxes need controlling - there are too many of them about and they are putting certain ground nesting birds at risk.

MARY ELLEN SYNON: Wake up Derek Simpson - the ancient rights of your trade union members are long gone

mary ellen synon

The conciliation service has rejected union claims that European contract workers had an unfair advantage over British workers at the Lindsey refinery. All that trade union roaring and wildcat striking has come to nothing.

CHARLOTTE LESLIE: Criticism can be genuinely useful - but never show your hate mail to your mum

charlotte leslie

I got one of those letters this morning. No, not a very delayed Valentines, something else. It's one of those defining moments for a candidate: the day you get your first taste of unfounded hate mail.

JAMES SLACK: Spy cameras in every pub - but you face jail for taking snaps of police

police and tourists

PETER HITCHENS: My extraordinary weekend on a nuclear submarine - and why Britain doesn't need them any more

trident submarine

I once spent a very enjoyable weekend in a nuclear missile submarine. Since HMS Repulse long ago retired, I think I can write pretty freely about the experience, which included singing 'Dear Lord and Father of Mankind, forgive our foolish ways' during the unapologetically Christian service which was held aboard every Sunday in those days. I wonder if they still do that? The whole visit had to be arranged like a spy rendezvous in a John le Carre novel.

HARRY PHIBBS: 100 ways to cut your Council Tax - WITHOUT cutting services

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