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Early marriage threatens Yemeni society
Setting the minimum age for marriage to 18 has been a hotly debated topic since its initial proposal in 2000. The recent decision of the Committee of Legalising Islamic Sharia in the Parliament to reject...

Yemeni’s must work together to ensure human rights for all
Yemen’s cultural heritage threatened by smugglers
Yemeni children deserve a better education
Freedom of information is a key element of democracy
The American task force on Palestine blogs
I am delighted to be among the early contributors to the first blog postings on this new part of the Israel Policy Forum (IPF) Web site. The close relationship that...

Liberal Democrats: up and down?
Big crises like the current recession change a lot of things that once seemed to be a permanent part of the landscape. In Japan the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which...

Political Islam and Palestine
Mention political Islam in Indonesia or Turkey and you are talking about political parties in power, leading their countries on economic and social issues whilst promoting an Islamic political vision...

A Collision at Sea
A ship I once served in had a small brass plate on the bridge with a quotation from Thucydides, the Greek statesman, historian and seaman of the fourth century BC:...

A Symbiotic death dance
History is a stubborn companion to life and politics in the Middle East, so to understand what is happening in the region today you have to go back 30 years....

The Power of We
Now that the American elections have come to an end, we can take a deep breath and think about what really happened in one of America’s longest and most intense...

Sri Lanka after the war
The greatest mistakes are made on the morrow of the greatest victories. Sri Lanka is now approaching a decisive victory in its 26-year war against Tamil separatism, and it is...

Here comes the four-state solution
The Israeli elections Tuesday are expected to usher in a Likud-led right-of-center coalition. Regardless of the final result (I write this Tuesday morning, as the voting begins), one thing is...

Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai's Choice
On 11 February, in Harare, Morgan Tsvangirai drank the poisoned chalice, knowing that it was poisoned. He was sworn in as prime minister of Zimbabwe, in a government that is...

Is “Good Leadership” the panacea that Somalia needs?
Granted, the Somali political conundrum is multifaceted in nature. And, one of these facets and indeed most frequently cited element perpetuating Somalia ’s violence and anarchy is the lack of...

Total launches new graduate scholarship program
In line with TOTAL’s firm commitment to sustainable development and the long-standing friendship and partnership TOTAL has with the people of Yemen, Total E&P Yemen is pleased to announce a further round of its graduate...

New third plane joins Felix Airways fleet
Pakistani sentenced to death and 15 others jailed for drug smuggling
Sana’a University closes branch in Marib
Concerns of political leadership over women’s political empowerment, says PM
Perceptions of the other, seen through French eyes
As part of a dialogue between Yemeni coastal cites and Africa, the French graphic artist and painter Philippe Deloud has created a book project detailing the relations of the Bab al-Mandab countries, expressed through art....

Panorama of November 2009
TOTAL launches new graduate scholarship program
United Insurance Company promotes engineering insurance in Yemen
Apollo unveils plans for 2009
Commercial banks capital faces mandatory raise to YR6 billion
The Central Bank of Yemen has warned banks with capital less than YR6 billion that it will take legal action against them, in accordance with its responsibilities set down in the relevant laws, said Ahmed...

SFD to spend $188 million on 1,396 projects in 2009
European Parliament praise Yemeni reforms
YR1billion provided by SEDF to small enterprises
German assistance to Yemen to continue
Najla al-Omari dedicates her heart to her friends
A critical reading of Yemeni author Najla al-Omari's new collection of short stories was held at the al-Afif Cultural Foundation, in cooperation with the Islamic Board of Literature on Tuesday February 24th....

Yemen hosts Saudi Cultural Day
Oscar night brings Hollywood and Bollywood together for the first time
Human rights in Yemen captured through female eyes
Yemeni folklore cries for help
Yemen accused of responsibility for rhinoceros’s endangered status
Trading in rare animals and their products is the primary reason for endangered species today. Many animals are now endangered because they are used in traditional goods and products. Yemen and China are the principal...

Yemen celebrates International Ozone Day with new stage of Methyl Bromide soil fumigation alternatives
Yemen reveals maritime pollution in Gulf of Aden
YR 6 billion allocated for water, sanitation projects in Aden
YEMEN: Alarm bells over water
Recap of Yemen's environmental issues in 2008
In 2008, water scarcity has remained Yemen's most worrying environmental reality. Many areas in Yemen suffer a severe crisis in terms of drinking water supply, water for irrigating agricultural lands, and other vital needs. Most...

World Aids Day celebrations call for urgent steps to deal with disease
Screw Worm Fly: new threat to livestock in Yemen
Yemen: Gateway for early humans in their journey out of Africa
Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise
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