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2009-03-13 - 15:19

Matic Named New Iran Basketball Coach

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran named Serbian Veselin Matic as the new head coach of its national basketball squad to replace his compatriot Rajko Toroman.

"Veselin Matic has been selected as the new Iranian basketball head coach," said Mahmoud Mashhoon, the President of the Iranian Basketball Federation (IBF) on Thursday, press tv reported.

"According to the agreement the Serbian coach can bring an experienced physical therapist, a physician, a masseur, an analyst and an assistant to Iran," he said. "Dr. Mehran Hatami from Iran will be one of his assistants."

Mashhoon further pointed out that Matic will finalize the agreement at the Iranian National Olympic Committee on Saturday.

"Matic will in Tehran on April 4 to start his work," he added.

Mashhoon stated that the Iranian national basketball team will hold its first training camp after the country's basketball league competitions.

The 54-year-old Serbian Rajko Toroman coached the Iranian basketball outfit in 2007-2008 but then moved to steer Philippine national basketball team.

Iran's basketball squad is one of the strongest teams in Asia, the current champions at the FIBA Asia Championship.