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14:29 | 2009-01-03


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Londoners Continue Protests against Israeli Regime

TEHRAN (FNA)- As Israel continued its attacks on Gaza on Thursday, people thronged the Kensington High Street to cry their strong anti-Israeli feelings outside the regime's embassy in London.

This was the fifth consecutive day of protest in support of peace in Gaza and against the Israeli airstrikes the latest round of which killed a senior Hamas leader with his family.

According to a report by the Islamic republic news agency from Kensington, tens of people were chanting anti-Israeli slogans in the first day of the New Year despite sub-zero freezing temperatures in central London.

Police forces were also present on the scene of demonstration although the streets surrounding the Israeli Embassy remained cordoned off in a 10-meter security zone equipped with fences.

The death toll from six days of Israeli strikes on Gaza has now reached 410 with around 2,000 wounded.

London protestors, from different social strata and age bracket, were carrying flags of Palestine and banners condemning Israeli atrocities in Gaza.

Majed Al-Zeer, from the Palestinian Return Centre which helped organize the protest, told the Independent that the fact several hundred people had turned out for the protest showed how strong feelings were about the Israeli attacks.

"It is very cold yet still hundreds have turned out. It is a very reasonable number. We have had many pickets here with only tens of people," he said.

"There are British people, people from the Arab community and people from the Muslim community. The protest sends a very important message that what is happening in Gaza is not right."
Richard Kuper, from Jews For Justice for Palestine, was returning to the protest for the third time.

He said "I'm outraged by what is going on in Gaza and I think it is important Jewish voices speak out against bombing. I think it was the scale of the bombardment which is greatly disproportionate that has angered people."
The protest was peaceful and no arrests were reported.

The protest comes after Israel rejected European calls for a 48-hour ceasefire.

The protest will continue to the Egyptian Embassy on Friday and then on to London Trafalgar Square on Saturday.