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13:35 | 2008-12-21


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Tehran Art Expo to Showcase Teahouse Paintings

TEHRAN (FNA)- A collection of masterpieces by teahouse painting masters will go on display at the Tehran Art Expo for the first time.

The second edition of the Tehran Art Expo opens at the Vahdat Hall tomorrow.

The collection includes works by masters Ali-Akbar Larani, Mohammad Modabber, Hossein Qollar-Aqasi, Abbas Bolukifar, Hossein Hamedani, Ahmad Khalili, and Javad Aqili, MNA reported.

The masterpieces "Bahman Killing Dragon" (Qollar-Aqasi), "The Battle of Khaybar" (Hamedani), "The Camp" (Khalili), as well as "Bahram-e Gur" (Modabber) are among the works that will be on display.

The oldest piece in the show dates back 87 years, and the prices vary from 70m rials (about $70,000) to 300m rials (about $300,000).

Persian teahouses have served various functions in different eras of their 400-year history. They used to be places where men gathered to spend their leisure time listening to naqqals (Iranian traditional storytellers) reciting Ferdowsi's Shahnameh. It was in the teahouses that people talked and exchanged views and together with lutis (wise and generous people) helped the poor.

The art of teahouse painting emerged from within such an environment. The craftsmen listened to the discussions and tales and used them as subjects for the paintings they drew on the walls, tiles and bricks.

The teahouse painters enjoyed a unique perspective and painted imaginary scenes using epics, traditions and religion as the themes for their artworks.

The second edition of the Tehran Art Expo will continue through January 4.