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2009-02-12 - 16:21

FIFA: Spain Still Leads, Iran up 2 Spots

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran has moved up two places to 44th in the latest FIFA rankings, but still stands third among Asian nations, tailing Australia and Japan.

Iran moved up to the 44th place with 623 points while Australia stood in the 27th place and Japan in the 37th in the latest list issued Wednesday by the world governing body, FIFA.

According to the February 2009 FIFA ranking, South Korea (46) and Saudi Arabia (55) are in the fourth and fifth place in Asia respectively, press tv reported.

The first 10 spots in the world rankings remained unchanged as Euro 2008 champion Spain remained at the top of the world football rankings for the seventh straight month, followed by Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Brazil.

FIFA world rankings:

1- Spain

2- Germany

3- The Netherlands

4- Italy

5- Brazil

6- Argentina

7- Croatia

8- England

9- Russia

10- Turkey