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2009-01-17 - 17:49

UN Calls for Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza

TEHRAN (FNA)- The UN General Assembly demanded an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, and called for a full withdrawal of the Israeli troops from the Palestinian area.

In a non-binding revised resolution, the 192-member body overwhelmingly voted on Friday to demand "full respect" of Security Council Resolution 1860 adopted last week calling for "an immediate, durable and fully respected ceasefire leading to the full withdrawal of Israeli forces" from Gaza.

On Thursday, president, Nicaragua's Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann severely condemned Israel and said "Gaza is ablaze. It has been turned into a burning hell."

"The violations of international law inherent in the Gaza assault have been well documented: collective punishment; disproportionate military force; attacks on civilian targets, including homes, mosques, universities, schools," D'Escoto added according to press tv.

After D'Escoto's statement on , speaker after speaker blasted the latest Israeli attacks.

Malaysia's UN Ambassador Hamidon Ali said Security Council resolution should call for a ceasefire, the immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza, an end to the Israeli blockade of the Palestinian enclave and allowing humanitarian aid to reach victims of the conflict.

On Friday, Fresh Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip left 13 more civilians, including eight children, killed as the Palestinian death toll hits 1,170.