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2009-03-14 - 19:17

IRGC Starts Production of Quick Reaction Tanks

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Ground Force has started manufacturing a quick reaction tank named "Tosan", a senior Iranian military official said here Saturday.

"Modernizing the engine and fire-control systems of Tank T55 have been completed successfully," Head of the self-sufficiency unit of the IRGC Ground Force, Colonel Nasser Arab Beigi told FNA.

"The self-sufficiency unit has so far accomplished two tank projects. One of them was modernization of T55 which was done by the unit in previous years," Arab Beigi reiterated, adding that different parts of the tank, including the engine and fire-control systems, have been modernized in the project.

Regarding the second project, the colonel noted, "Manufacturing a quick reaction tank called Tosan was the second project."

Arab Beigi further pointed out that his unit is now working on 4 other projects for manufacturing anti-armors for IRGC Special Forces and commando units.