Welcome to the Brave New World

“Welcome to the brave new world,” said Sen. John Kerry, D-MA, in opening this week’s hearing on the future of journalism.

The discussion at the Senate Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet really focused on the future of newspapers, which, as several panelists pointed out, is not the same as the future of journalism.  But, as Kerry noted, television and radio will experience in the near future what is happening to newspapers now, so I thought it was important to listen in on the dialogue. 

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• Senate Committee Members Say Looser Media Ownership Rules Will Not Solve Newspapers' Woes, Broadcasting & Cable, May 9, 2009
• Arianna Huffington Discusses the Future of Journalism
• Wire Creator David Simon Testifies on the Future of Journalism
• Knight Foundation President Testifies Before Congress on the Future of Journalism

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The Buzz: The Secret Lives of Links

Many news stations have taken up the cause of social media marketing, religiously posting links on Twitter and Facebook. But few know how much traffic this incessant linking really creates. Fewer still have hard evidence about where, when and how frequently they should be posting to their accounts.

Even the experts are still debating best practices around these issues—and whether today’s best practices will be valid tomorrow. But, until a solid social media business model emerges, one up-and-coming tool can help stations learn a little more about their links' private lives.

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The New Class Clowns: How the Swine Flu is Turning Journalists into Alarmists

It was 1976, Gerald Ford was president, and I was a junior in high school.  The big story that spring was an outbreak of swine flu.  My friend, Ken Kosciulek, was the class clown.  He did not miss this opportunity.  Every time someone mentioned the words “swine flu,” he would start oinking and squealing, push his nose up pig-style, and quickly end up on all fours wallowing around on the linoleum. I busted a gut every time (hey, I was only 16), and that reaction kept him doing it over and over again.  Interestingly, news coverage of the disease was widespread at first, but quickly disappeared once it was clear the flu probably wasn’t leaving New Jersey.  There was actually more coverage of some subsequent flu shots that fall that appeared at the time to have caused some deaths in the elderly, but that blew over quickly, too.

Flash forward 33 years and I’m finding myself laughing just as hard now at the coverage of this so-called pandemic as I did at Ken Kosciulek—except this time there’s no oinking sound.  Instead, it’s the sound of hundreds of reporters beating this story to death.

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RTNDA@NAB 2009 Attendees - We Need your Feedback!


Thank you for attending RTNDA@NAB 2009.  We hope you left Las Vegas and returned to your newsroom armed with new ideas, tips and techniques for covering the news better. 

We do need one more thing--your feedback from the convention!  If you attended RTNDA@NAB 2009, please take our short survey--we'd appreciate your thoughts.  One lucky respondent will win a free registration to RTNDA@NAB 2010, April 11 - 14.  Check back on June 5th and see if you are the winner. 

Thank you again for attending RTNDA@NAB 2009.  With your feedback, we can make RTNDA@NAB 2010 even better.

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RTNDF's New Financial Reporting Resource

Your viewers, listeners and online users are struggling to make sense of the economy as they deal with the effects of the recession.  And they're depending on you for solid, useful information.  Are you sure you're covering the story effectively?

RTNDF, with the support of the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), has put together a new resource section to help your newsroom improve coverage of one of the biggest stories of the year.  It's filled with story ideas, strategies, resources and examples of great coverage--it will give you the tools to ensure your audience is getting all the information they need on the financial crisis, in a way that's important to them.                                                              

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• Personal Finance: Story Ideas
• Personal Finance: Strategies
• Personal Finance: Resources
• National Endowment for Financial Education

Tim Geraghty to be the Vice President/Information Director for KXTV in Sacramento, CA

Currently, he's the Vice President/News Director of WZZM-TV in Grand Rapids, MI.

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Bohannon Re-Ups With Westwood One

Jim Bohannon has renewed his contract with Westwood One. He will celebrate the 25th anniversary of America in the Morning in September.

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