May 11, 2009
This plus jailed U.S. reporter Roxana Saberi reportedly to be freed in Iran and grim predictions for this year's TV upfront advertising market top today's headlines.

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Pig Flu and Politics Dominate the Blogosphere : April 27-May 1, 2009

Bloggers last week debated whether the worldwide swine flu outbreak was a serious public health menace or a case of excessive media hype. And Arlen Specter’s change of parties stirred a partisan debate over the state of the GOP.

Rank of David Souter’s retirement among top High Court stories.

Spotlight on the Supremes

When Justice David Souter announced his pending retirement, it became one of the week’s biggest stories. But the actions of the Supreme Court don’t usually dominate the headlines. Which High Court-related events generated substantial coverage and how do they compare to the Souter news?

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Obama's First 100 Days

How have the news media covered the early days of the Obama presidency? How does that coverage stack up against that of his predecessors? A new study examines the tone and focus of Obama’s media narrative and how compares it to Bill Clinton’s and George Bush’s.

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Flu Fears Dominate a Week of Big Events: April 27 - May 3, 2009

A story that suddenly emerged from nowhere, the threat of a global influenza pandemic, sent the media into overdrive last week. The flu scare knocked a number of significant events out of the headlines and by week’s end, began to spawn a backlash.

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