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15:52 | 2009-05-13

Foriegn Policy

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Iran, Libya to Boost Economic Ties

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian charge d'affaires to Libya stressed Iran's presence in the Libyan market, announcing Iran's increasing efforts to bolster economic ties with Libya.

Although Iran is not the first trade partner of Libya comparing with Turkey and Italy, its aim is to boost economic relations between Iranian and Libyan Businessmen, Mohammad Panabad said Tuesday evening on the sidelines of a meeting between a Libyan economic delegation and Hamedan province officials, including deputy governor general of the province and members of the provincial chamber of commerce.

A 4-member trade and economic delegation led by the deputy head of the Libyan Chamber of Commerce attended a meeting in Hamedan province on Sunday.

"The cause of the low level of economic relations is the fact that the two sides do not have a clear and correct conception of each others and Iran's embassy in Libya is trying to portray a clear picture of the two sides' potentials," Panabad added.

75 percent of sea transportation from various destinations to Libya was operated by Iran's Shipping Company, Panabad pointed.

Ahmadinejad's administration has striven hard to maximize relations with the African continent.

Earlier in March, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that expansion of Tehran's relations with African countries sets a priority in Iran's foreign policy.