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2009-05-13 - 19:34

Intelligence Minister: No Israeli Oranges in Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- Intelligence Minister Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejeii Wednesday dismissed reports about import of Israeli oranges into Iran, announcing that the fruit cargoes carried fake labels.

"What is certain regarding the so-called Israeli-labeled oranges is that the labels were fake, and no oranges have been exported from Israel to Iran," Ejeii told reporters here in Tehran on Wednesday.

The oranges were labeled with "Jaffa sweetie Israel PO" and distributed in boxes with a sign reading "Made in China". The Jaffa orange is grown in Jaffa port city located in the south of Tel Aviv.

"At a time when Iran raises issues against the racist Zionist regime, certain individuals embark on such actions in an effort to overshadow Iran's stances," the Iranian minister reiterated.

He noted that a number of people have been arrested in this regard, saying their identities as well as the origin of the fake trademarks would be announced following investigations.

Ejeii further called on the Iranian people to be vigilant about rumors and forged and baseless reports and news, reminding that certain elements make and spread rumors in a bid to disturb public opinion and undermine reputation of certain political camps and figures prior to the country's presidential election in June.