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2009-05-13 - 19:09

MP: US Seeking Political Deal with Taliban

TEHRAN (FNA)- The United States does not aim to uproot but to reach a political deal with the terrorist Taliban group, head of Iran-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group said Wednesday.

Speaking to FNA, Ali Akbar Aghayee said that "bombardment of northern Pakistan by the US army provided the Taliban with a chance to introduce itself as a resistance movement against occupiers and buy itself reputation and legitimacy, specially considering that the group's popularity has been on the decrease recently.

On recent developments in Pakistan and the Taliban's infiltration into the country, Aghayee termed the US cause of all insecurities in the region, specially in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and said, "The people are uncomfortable with the presence of the US forces and if the US leaves the people and governments of the region alone, certainly we will not witness such massacres and displacements."

Elsewhere, he referred to the Taliban's moves to use unrests in Pakistan to strike Iran, and stressed that political and security cooperation between Tehran and Islamabad has served as a good step towards maintaining security at the two countries' shared borders and also in the region.