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12:29 | 2009-04-07


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Filmmaker Mehrjuii Praises Novel 'Da'

TEHRAN (FNA)- The novel "Da" is a well-structured narrative of Persian literature, Filmmaker Dariush Mehrjuii says.

"The novel sounds so appealing and enjoys such good structure. The imagery is quite realistic, something hardly found in other novels, making it very distinctive. There is a kind of clean, clear naturalism in the tale that communicates easily with readers," he added.

The book, written by Azam Hosseini, contains recollections by Zahra Hosseini of the time when the Iraqi army captured Khorramshahr in the early days of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war. It is a true-life story of a teenager who experienced the early days of the war in Khorramshahr.

"The novel depicts the horrible truth about the (1980-1988 Iran-Iraq) war in which a group of innocent citizens experienced violent attacks and the misery of battle. It gives a true picture of the first days of the war," MNA quoted him as saying.

To the question asked if he is willing to work on the story, he replied, "The story, with its all detailed scenes, presents technical challenges and I would like to turn a portion of it into a movie. The entire book would require a long series of episodes. Of course, there are female filmmakers willing to turn the novel into a film, and I think it would be better for a woman to work on it since the writer is a woman."

He further continued saying that he obtained a good feeling from reading the book and added, "I recommend this book to all. It provided a rich artistic, historical, cultural and philosophical experience and conveys a sharp image of conditions we experienced without invoking guilt."

"I give my best regards to all the people of Abadan and Khorramshahr who went through such pain and congratulate them all for their resistance and their victory," he concluded.

The book, released by Sureh-Mehr publications, is one of the publisher's bestsellers. In the dialect of Khorramshahr "da" means "mother".