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20:41 | 2009-05-12


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IRGC Warns against Sowing Discord on Threshold of Election

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps on Tuesday warned those, which it said, are seeking to sow discord and agitate public opinion on the threshold of the June presidential election in Iran, and responded to the allegations raised by the same group about political activities of Basij (volunteer) forces.

Referring to the accusations leveled by certain parties about Basij's interference in election, the IRGC stressed in a statement released today, "The IRGC always warns its personnel, including the Basijis, against interference and activity for or against any candidate and it will publicize the relevant papers and documents to corroborate this claim if needed."

Describing the next presidential election as extremely important, the statement said, "Given the conditions resulting from the political-security developments in the region and the global scene and the complex and interwoven nature of events, specially US failure in (attaining its desirable goals of) military invasion of the region and the paralysis of the Zionist regime and the Iranian government and nation's confrontation with enemies' new threats, the 10th presidential election in Iran is extraordinarily important and sensitive…."

"But unfortunately, political rivalries sometimes escalate so much that they overshadow national interests and consciously or unconsciously pave the way for the success of the enemies' psychological operation against the nation and the (Islamic Republic) system," the statement added.

The IRGC further expressed confidence that the Iranian people would defuse enemies' plots and defeat enemies' strategy with its high turnout in the election.

The IRGC statement comes after the Saturday remarks by Mehdi Karroubi, Iranian Reformist challenger of incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Speaking to reporters upon his bid for presidency, Karroubi, a former parliament speaker, demanded that volunteer Basij forces "not interfere" in the voting, referring to the recent statements of the IRGC Chief-Commander, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari about the division of Basij into two segments - military and non-military.