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18:49 | 2009-05-12


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Iranian Envoy Advises Obama to Opt for Win-Win Diplomacy

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Ambassador to Manama Hossein Amir Abdollahian on Tuesday recommended Barack Obama's administration to make a proper use of the existing opportunities and opt for a win-win diplomacy in dealing with the Islamic Republic.

Referring to a recent proposal by the US officials for nuclear talks with Iran, Abdollahian said in an exclusive interview with FNA that it seems the US has preferred "the diplomacy of negotiations " towards Iran, and added, "If (it is proved that) this diplomacy is serious and constructive and if it is based on maintaining the two sides' rights and a win-win diplomacy, then the US has been able to use its available opportunities."

"During the three rounds of negotiations with Iran on Iraq's security, the United States had the opportunity to experience direct and formal talks with Iran on a crucial international issue and could realize the wisdom, insight, logic behind the constructive discourse and attitude of the Islamic Republic of Iran," the diplomat added.

Elsewhere, Abdollahian referred to the use of "hard power" by the US in Afghanistan, and said the best way to restore calm, stability and democracy in the country is transfer of power and control to Afghans, active role of the UN, serious help to the reconstruction of the country, campaign against drug trafficking and organized crimes and social development of Afghanistan.

As regards the situation in Iraq, the Iranian ambassador described the secret plots of occupiers as the cause of insecurity in the country, and warned that if the US does not correct its policies in Iraq and does not show its commitment to the contents of the security pact with Baghdad, there will be an "American catastrophe in Iraq instead of an "American confusion in Iraq".