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15:37 | 2009-01-11


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Rabbi: Israel's Reaction to Hamas Missiles Inappropriate

TEHRAN (FNA)- Editor in Chief of the New York based Ticon magazine, reacting to Gaza Strip crisis that has left behind thousands of innocent civilians, including over 200 children and infants so far, said in an interview with London based Times magazine Saturday that Israel's reaction to Hamas missiles has been most inappropriate.

Rabbi Mike Turner referring to the 500 Israeli citizens allegedly killed by Hamas missiles and 200 more wounded by them according to Zionist news sources, added, "Hamas might have caused inconvenience for Israel, but it can by no means be considered a serious threat against the Jewish state's security."

According to the Islamic republic news agency, the clergy journalist also proposed his seven article peace plan aimed at ending the ongoing human catastrophe in Gaza in his interview with Times, beginning with Article One: Hamas should end firing missiles aimed at Israeli targets (not mentioning the need for Israel's ending of its killer lingering siege of Gaza for over three years that led to the air, land and sea bombardment of civilians of Gaza Strip.)

Article Two: Israel should end bombardment of Gaza and state sponsored terrorism (in which dozens of Palestinians have been assassinated so far.)

Article Three: Israel should open Gaza's various passages and merely check imports to Gaza aimed at confiscation of smuggled weaponry to the region.

Article Four: Israel should free the Palestinian prisoners of Hamas and the Palestinians, too, should free their Israeli prisoners of war.

Article Five: Both sides should end all types of antagonist propaganda against each other.

Article Six: An international peace force should monitor the two sides' proper observation of the peace plan articles.

Article Seven: The cease fire should remain effective for a twenty year period.
He added, "In return for Gaza's observation of the above mentioned articles, a scheme similar to the Marshal Plan should be put to effect both in Gaza Strip and in the West Bank, including permitting the return of 30,000 Palestinian refugees to Palestine and the establishment of the Palestinian independent government, in the framework of the 2003 Geneva Agreement."

Rabbi Turner said, "I believe that is the way sustainable peace and security can be achieved for the Jewish state in the Middle East."