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17:14 | 2009-01-15


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White Phosphorous Bombs Pour on Gazans

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Israeli army continued its offensive on the Gaza Strip for the 20th consecutive day, pounding the region with white phosphorous bombs.

In fresh strikes on the coastal sliver, Israeli jets targeted the northern town of Jebaliya early Thursday, dropping white phosphorous bombs on the residents, a press tv corresponded reported.

White phosphorus, classified as a 'chemical weapon' by the US intelligence, is an incendiary material that causes horrific burns, severe injuries or death when it comes in contact with skin.

Under the Geneva Treaty of 1980, the use of white phosphorous as a weapon is prohibited, however, there is no blanket ban on its use as a smokescreen or for illumination.

Despite the presence of photographic evidence proving that Israel has been using the controversial weapon during its offensive in Gaza, Israeli military denies using the chemical against the civilians saying it is using white phosphorus shells to create smokescreens to allow its ground forces to operate.

Tel Aviv has refused to comment on the types of munitions it is using in the attacks on Gaza. This is while it has admitted using white phosphorus during its 33-day war with Lebanon in 2006.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces continued overnight airstrikes Wednesday through Thursday.

Palestinian hospital officials reported that seven Palestinians were killed in two separate airstrikes in the early hours of Thursday.

Israeli troops engaged in battles with Palestinian fighters in north and south of Gaza City early on Thursday.

Over 1,038 Gazans - including at least 311 children and 97 women - have been killed and 4,700 have been wounded since Israel launched its offensive against the Palestinian territory on December 27.