SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
SLAC’s two-mile-long linear accelerator is the longest in the world.
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Structure of Genetic Proofreading Protein Revealed
Structure of Genetic Proofreading Protein Revealed
Nature might abhor a vacuum, but it loves a backup plan. In living organisms, organic emergency releases keep physiological systems under tight control. Stanford University researchers recently used SLAC's high energy X-rays to examine one such mechanism, the proofreading function of a vital protein called RNA polymerase.
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Exploring SLAC's Science
Exploring SLAC Science Slide Show : SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

ArchaeopteryxThe Secrets of Darwin's Dinobird

For centuries, the field of archaeology has depended on what's visible to the naked eye. Now, researchers are revealing what lies beneath the surface of a key evolutionary fossil, Darwin's "dinobird."

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