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Physics Tip Sheets

Compact Atomic Clocks • We're Not at the Center of the Universe  Read Tip Sheet
Tsunami invisibility cloak • Dark energy v. the void • Sorting nanotubes with light • Getting in focus with the meta-screen  Read Tip Sheet
Nano-dominoes • Price of anarchy on the road • Lightning reconnections. Read Tip Sheet

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Virtual Pressrooms

Virtual Pressrooms offer Meeting news, highlighted papers, images, and videos from APS Meetings. Journalists can access all these features without actually attending a Meeting. 
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APS Media Contacts

James Riordon
Head of Media Relations
E-mail: riordon@aps.org 
Phone: (301) 209-3238
Fax: (301) 209-3264 

Tawanda W. Johnson
Press Secretary
E-mail: tjohnson@aps.org 
Phone: (202) 662-8702
Fax: (202) 662-8711 


Physics News Update

A digest of physics news from the American Institute of Physics that includes items from physics meetings, physics journals, newspapers and magazines.
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