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18:14 | 2009-05-12


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Analyst: US Aims to Create Limited War between Pakistan, Afghanistan

TEHRAN (FNA)- Americans have come to the region to spark a controlled war between Pakistan and Afghanistan to justify long-term deployment of their troops in the area, a Pakistani analyst said Tuesday, reiterating that the US presence is not aimed at ending war and establishing stability in the region.

Noting that the US wants to take war and tension from Afghanistan to Pakistan, Asheq Hossein Touri told FNA, "They wanted the Pakistani army to continue the war and they have provided Pakistan with a lot of money in the same regard."

He referred to other goals pursued by the US efforts to establish its hegemony over the region, and said they also want to "put pressure on china and Iran and considering that Russia is restoring its power, the US aims to deploy its forces in this region to control and carefully monitor the country".

"Another goal pursued by the US presence in the Subcontinent is seizure of the rich resources of the region and control over its strategic areas," Touri stressed, adding, "Iran is the only country in the world that stood against the US bullying and the US has put pressure on this independent country by creating insecurity, promoting religious extremism, sectarianism and separatism."

"If there is instability and unrest in Iran's neighboring countries, it will permeate Iran as well," he added, pointing to the thousands of war-stricken people who take refuge in Iran once the war prevails and also belligerent bandits and drug traffickers who operate in Iran by use Pakistani soil as their refuge and stronghold.

Pakistan has pounded Taliban training camps, hideouts and logistic centers in the northwest for 16 days in what Islamabad calls a fight to eliminate terrorists.