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Most popular feature:size
  The quality of construction seems to be solid, the sound quality and radio tuner are a step ahead others, and the compact design makes this device... more
marctien1 www.ebay.com 9/16/2008
Least popular feature:software
  There is only one thing that I did not like about hte Zune, and that is the fact that downloading th software was a little more difficult than it... more
longnecker7765 www.ebay.com 10/12/2008
Most popular feature:appearance
  The design is heavily influenced by its big Bold brother, so it looks great with its black and metal styling, and is a smartphone you won't feel... more
tuhin.wap www.ciao.com 2/21/2009
Least popular feature:speed
  Wi-Fi browsing is not as fast I'd like. more
Cleo www.amazon.com 2/11/2009
Most popular feature:photo quality
  Love being able to take wide angle photos with ease; the face finder is cool, and the ability to take close up shots which stay sharp is truly amazing. more
jmac19 reviews.cnet.com 4/26/2009
Least popular feature:speed
  The continuous shooting mode is very slow (1.2 fps) and if you use it you have to select it every time you put the camera on. more
kbenos shopping.yahoo.com 3/10/2009
Most popular feature:speed
  Warm up time is minimal and the printing is very fast. more
ahoskiepastor reviews.cnet.com 1/16/2009
Least popular feature:connectivity
  Then when it finally connected to the wi-fi network, it wouldn't print, and I had to hack the printer port configuration (using a static IP number for... more
gniewko reviews.cnet.com 1/12/2009
Most popular feature:affordability
  It's a pretty good price performer from HP (and my 3rd HP laptop). more
J. Ferrer www.amazon.com 1/25/2009
Least popular feature:screen
  dead screen. more
WM www.amazon.com 3/16/2009
Most popular feature:appearance
  The design is very attractive, sexy and stylish, and it has a lots of features. more
rgaemiguel www.ciao.com 3/28/2009
Least popular feature:affordability
  The biggest drawback to this wonderful TV is the high price. more
Ndavis www.ciao.com 1/27/2009