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True Muonium
June 9, 2009
Physicists have proposed two new ways to make an atom consisting of a muon and antimuon.
Gray arrow Article:  New York Times

Focusing Sound
June 16, 2009
New type of metamaterial for sound could help find tiny tumours or lead to clearer images of babies in-utero.
Gray arrow Article:  ABC News

Saturn's Ripply Rings
June 12, 2009
The rings of Saturn are not as smooth as scientists previously believed.
Gray arrow Article:  Discover Magazine

June 12, 2009
Some traffic jams have no apparent cause, but new study shows how to reduce odds of jams forming at all.
Gray arrow Article:  MSNBC

Quantum Mechanical Engine
June 9, 2009
A fully quantum-mechanical version of spinning electric motor contains just two atoms trapped in ring of light.
Gray arrow Article:  Science Now

Herschel Opens its Eyes
June 14, 2009
Europe's new billion-euro Herschel space observatory, launched in May, has achieved a critical milestone.
Gray arrow Article:  BBC News

Speedy Raindrops
June 12, 2009
Small droplets in a rainstorm often surpass what appears to be the speed limit for rain.
Gray arrow Article:  Science Now

Magnetic Field Mystery
June 14, 2009
Earth's magnetic field may be produced by ocean currents, according to controversial new research.
Gray arrow Article:  London Times

New Executive Officer Announced

Smithsonian-Harvard Physicist Selected

Kate KirbyAfter an extensive national search, APS is pleased to announce that Dr. Kate Kirby, senior research physicist at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and lecturer in the Harvard University Department of Astronomy, has accepted the position of Executive Officer of APS

"Dr. Kirby will bring visionary leadership and commitment to the APS," said Dr. Cherry A. Murray, APS president. "We are thrilled at her appointment."  Dr. Kirby said she, in turn, is elated about beginning her tenure at APS late July 2009.

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Visa Processing Problems

APS Joins 30 Others in Calling for Handling Improvements

visaRepresentatives of more than thirty U.S. science and higher education organizations—including APS—issued a statement calling on the federal government to take further steps to improve visa procedures for international scientists, scholars, and students.

The statement acknowledges recent changes made by the Administration to expedite the processing of applications, but recommends additional steps to make the visa process less burdensome.

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New APS Member Benefit

Free Weekly NewsBrief

APS's latest member benefit, the "Weekly NewsBrief," is a free weekly service that includes links to current physics-related news articles from many mainstream media outlets.

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Current Deadlines

Grants up to US$2000

The International Travel Grant Award Program (ITGAP) provides grants for collaborations between APS members and physicists in developing countries.

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21st Century Campaign

Victory Exceeds Expectations

American Physical Society’s 21st Century Campaign has raised $4.3 million, exceeding its goal of $3.5 million.

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