ebr is a journal of critical writing produced and published by writers for writers: a peer to peer alternative to academic review. Each essay is reviewed by a thread editor (a tenured professor) and at least one other ebr editor. On acceptance, the essay is posted to our staging site, where it is made available for comment by our 500-plus past contributors, all of whom are published authors in print and online. Unlike academic peer reports, which are generally seen only by committees, ebr reviewer comments can be read in the margins of the essays, as 'glosses.' More substantial response is given in commissioned Ripostes.

In continuous publication since 1994, ebr is among the longest running critical reviews on the Internet.

The site you are viewing is a wholly new version of ebr (number 4.0) and will be under construction into early 2006. A number of features (including notes on the redesign) will become evident week by week, with the release of new content. In the interim, the editors and site designers welcome feedback as we work our way toward the end construction.

To join our e-mail list or to report bugs, please send an e-mail to editors@electronicbookreview.com.
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