Green Revolution

The artists brought together for this show reveal an imagery that has been inspired by the current mutations in our environment. They deal with diverse matters such as Chernobyl, global warming and the rise in oil rates. At times close to science-fiction, these artists imagine new stories which pay witness to the curiosity and fears derived from this changing reality continue
Sound, DIY culture and mechanics at SonarMàtica

Given my notoriously campy taste in music, you will be relieved to know that i'm going to carefully avoid reviewing the music side of Barcelona's International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art. What's left then? Fashion, a bit of advertising and the SonarMàtica exhibition continue
Why do people desire walls?

The audio file of a lecture by Prof. Wendy Brown who explains how the building of walls around the world today is so starkly at odds with images of a world that is ever more connected & unbordered. Bonus! Videos of Shooting Back, the project of an Isreali NGO that gives Palestinian families across the West Bank video cameras to document how they are treated by Israeli soldiers and settlers continue
Encastrable, guerrilla art residencies inside DIY megastores

At no cost at all, the young artists have at their disposal a huge array of material that they can grab, move, superimpose, and organize onto temporary installations and sculptures continue
Harun Farocki at LOOP video art festival

The German independent filmmaker has been investigating the relationship between technology and information for decades. His talk in Barcelona explored the way blurry, raw images from surveillance and sophisticated computer-generated images are now competing with "the real thing" continue
Notes on the LOOP video art fair

LOOP art fair understands the importance of the comfort factor for video art lovers. The fair took place inside the snug rooms of a 4 stars hotel right in the center of Barcelona during 3 afternoons. Videos were displayed on big screens inside bedrooms and some galleries added a smaller screen in the bathroom to show another piece. So here we were all cosying into armchairs, spreading over beds, taking notes in the dark and chatting in the corridors of the hotel continue
Fashion-able. Hacktivism and engaged fashion design

Just found out that the utterly brilliant and fascinating thesis that Otto von Busch presented last year at the University of Gothenburg is available as an online PDF. So leave Dan Brown on the shelves and take this one on the beach this Summer, ok? continue
Yang Fudong and Erwin Olaf at the Photo Museum in Antwerp

One of the reasons i visited Antwerp is that i had never seen the Museum of Photography. This is going to be one of my regular stops. The exhibitions i checked out last week are now closed but the upcoming ones look great continue
Image of the day

For no particular reason continue
Jimmy Kets at the Photo Museum in Antwerp

Meet Jimmy Kets, one of the most brilliant photographers i've seen this year. He shot photo series around the world but the ones i found most remarkable were taken in Belgium continue
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